How Shoppers Drug Mart, Home Depot, and other brand customers benefit from Yubilly


Big retailers are often known for their innovation, strategies, and budget. Home Depot and Shoppers Drug Mart are two of these big players. In recent years, these big retailers have opted for a digital transition for transactions. These involve everything from online purchases to self-checkout kiosks. These changes aim to eliminate customer-employee interaction, reduce waiting times, and reduce environmental impact.

With these big implementations come electronic receipts. Nowadays, it’s common to hear retailers and shops ask for an email receipt from the customer. This is part of the digital transition that our world is undergoing. Electronic receipts are a big part of modern life, and their advantages are obvious.

Inside the electronic receipts pros comes a cleaner, more effective way of tracking expenses. Eliminating the need for physical receipts creates better customer interaction with the store. Also, electronic receipts avoid a mountain of paper trail that, in most cases, is useless.

E-receipts provide many features and advantages that customers of big retailers, like Home Depot and Shoppers Drug Mart, might want to consider. This includes a contactless experience. Following the social distancing norms, contactless transactions have soared in the last couple of years. We need to take advantage of this change.

Another thing to consider with these digital interactions, it’s the positive impact on the environment. Paper receipts might not cause panic, but looking back at the numbers, almost one billion gallons of water and 10 million trees are sacrificed to make paper rolls for receipts.

Coming back to our big retailers, purchases at these big-name stores rarely involve only one item. Tracing our expenses item by item can be problematic when making a big purchase with several things. SME owners often have this problem. Yubilly helps you solve that problem with a ground-breaking platform.

A structure in our tracking system can be critical when looking back at the expenses. Analyzing each item, cost, taxes, and details can be tedious and time-consuming. Storing our receipts electronically allows us to organize our spending and track each transaction.

We can help you solve this problem. Yubilly stores your receipts for you, storing them in your Yubilly’s mailbox, free of spam, marketing, and unwanted emails. Using the mailbox Yubilly provides, you can keep all your E-receipts in the same place and organize them and display each item, line by line.

How it works

After creating your Yubilly free account, you will get your custom email address (, and you can forward all your electronic receipts to that email.

Yubilly gathers all the information on every electronic receipt you send and displays the information on each item in the ticket. You will see a detailed view of your purchases by item, store, and historical data.

Among all the features Yubilly offers, the filter for E-receipts is one of the most useful. If you use your personal email for these electronic receipts, soon you will start getting marketing and spam emails. Yubilly filters all these and only shows you what you want to see while protecting your personal information.

After sending the receipt, the information on that receipt will be shown in an easy-to-read platform where you can see the individual items of each ticket. This is a simple and easy way to manage your monthly expenses.

Avoid paper receipts. Go digital.

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