Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yubilly uses a proprietary algorithm to generate a unique email address for each user. When you sign up, the system automatically assigns you a personalized email address specifically for receipt delivery. This ensures that your personal or business email address remains private and secure.

A: Yes, your Yubilly inboxes are safe and secure. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your data. Our email filtering algorithms block unrelated emails, ensuring that only receipt-related emails are displayed in your Yubilly inbox. We prioritize your privacy and take all necessary steps to maintain a secure environment for your financial information.

A: Absolutely! Yubilly provides powerful tools for organizing and categorizing your expenses. You can create custom labels and assign them to your receipts for easy tracking and analysis. By filtering your expenses based on date, merchant name, label, amount, and currency, you can quickly access the information you need to manage your finances efficiently.

A: Yubilly offers a convenient solution for managing paper receipts. You can simply take a snapshot of your paper receipts using the Yubilly app and upload them. The app will digitize the receipt, extracting relevant information for easy categorization. This way, you can eliminate the hassle of storing and organizing paper receipts while ensuring that your expense data is securely stored in your Yubilly account.

A: Absolutely! Requesting email receipts is an excellent way to go paperless. Yubilly encourages users to request email receipts from merchants whenever possible. Simply provide your Yubilly email address to the merchant, and they can send your receipts directly to your Yubilly inbox. This way, you can reduce paper waste and have all your receipts conveniently stored and organized in one place.

A: Yubilly’s advanced email filtering system blocks unrelated and spam emails, ensuring that your Yubilly inbox remains clutter-free. However, if you do encounter any unrelated emails, you can report and flag them within the app. Our team continuously improves our filtering algorithms to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of blocking unrelated emails.

A: If you have any questions, feedback or need support, please visit our “Contact” page on the website. You can fill out the contact form, and our dedicated support team will get back to you as soon as possible. Additionally, we have a comprehensive FAQ section on the contact page that addresses common queries and concerns, providing helpful information and guidance.

A: Yes, Yubilly is designed to be mobile-friendly. You can access and use Yubilly on your smartphone or tablet by visiting our website or downloading our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Enjoy the convenience of managing your receipts and expenses on the go!

A: Absolutely! Yubilly caters to both individuals and businesses. Whether you want to track personal expenses or manage business receipts, Yubilly offers a user-friendly solution. Our features, such as expense categorization, email filtering, and receipt organization, are designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

A: Yes, you can export your expense data from Yubilly. We understand the importance of having your financial data readily available. Yubilly provides options to export your expenses in common file formats like CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or XLS. This allows you to analyze your spending, integrate the data into accounting software, or share reports with your accountant or financial advisor.

A: Yubilly aims to provide compatibility and integration with various expense management tools and accounting software. We are continuously working to establish partnerships and integrations to enhance your experience. Currently, we are working on integration with popular accounting platforms such as QuickBooks and Xero. Stay tuned for updates on new integrations in the future!

A: Yubilly accounts are intended for individual use. Each account has a unique email address designed to maintain privacy and security. If you require multiple users to access Yubilly, we recommend setting up separate accounts for each individual to ensure personalized receipt management and expense tracking.

A: Currently, Yubilly is available in English. However, we plan to expand our language support to serve a broader user base. We understand the importance of providing a localized experience and are actively working towards adding additional language options to make Yubilly accessible to more users worldwide.

A: At present, Yubilly is available as a free service, but we want to be transparent about our future plans. Soon, we will introduce a paid subscription model. However, rest assured that Yubilly will continue to offer a free tier with essential features to assist you in effectively managing your receipts and expenses. In addition, we will introduce premium subscription options that provide access to advanced features such as enhanced email filtering, OCR-powered receipt data extraction, and priority support. You will have the flexibility to choose the subscription plan that aligns with your specific needs and can upgrade to access the premium features anytime. Our commitment to providing value and excellent service remains unchanged.