Touchless Receipts

is the easiest way to organize your receipts digitally.

saves your receipts for you, helps you keep track of your shopping history, and saves you from piling paper receipts up.

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every store...

"Yubilly is a free app that eliminates the nightmare of manually receiving, storing, and tracking paper receipts. Thousands of retail and other businesses already offer to send receipts to customers by email, and the number increases every day!

As a registered Yubilly user, you are assigned a unique Yubilly mailbox. Digital receipts sent to this mailbox address are immediately collected, organized, and archived. If necessary, you can also take a photo of a paper receipt, and Yubilly will convert it to a digitized version for your account. All promotional emails and spam are blocked from access to this mailbox!!

Imagine spending less time organizing your shopping or business receipts and more time doing things you enjoy! No other app offers the full range of benefits that Yubilly offers. It’s simple, safe and can be used anywhere in the world.
Gain control of the receipt mayhem with Yubilly

is the easiest way to organize your receipts digitally.

saves your receipts for you, helps you keep track of your shopping history, and saves you from piling paper receipts up.

Free, No Spam,
Integrated into every store...

Simplify Receipt Management and Embrace Paperless Efficiency with Yubilly

Manage your receipts, track expenses, and secure your inbox with our easy-to-use application..



Yubilly is free to download and use.

No Spam
It saves you from advertising e-mails that fill your inbox.

Keeps Secret
It does not share your data with anyone.

Features For You

  1. Unique Email Addresses, Central Tracking
  2. Touchless Checkout with QR Code, Fast & Secure
  3. Export to Excel, Auto-Track
  4. Spam Filters, Relevant Receipts
  5. Simple Interface, Easy-to-Use
  6. Mobile App, On-the-go.


  • Yubilly is the most reliable way to store your receipts

  • All data is securely stored in the cloud

  •  Never again will you lose a receipt for exchange, refund or tax on your purchase

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“Managing receipts and expenses used to be a headache until I found Yubilly. It has transformed the way I handle my business finances. The convenience of generating unique email addresses for receipt sharing and the ability to organize expenses with custom labels have saved me time and improved my financial organization. Yubilly is a game-changer!”

Lisa Patel

Small Business Owner

“Yubilly has become an indispensable tool for my business. The secure email addresses provide an added layer of professionalism, and the expense categorization options make tax season a breeze. I appreciate the team’s commitment to data security, and the responsive customer support is top-notch. Yubilly has exceeded my expectations!”

David Hernandez


“Yubilly has simplified my life! With the unique email addresses, I no longer worry about mixing up personal and work-related emails. The email filtering feature saves me precious time by showing only relevant receipt emails. The convenience of going paperless and the intuitive expense tracking make Yubilly a must-have for busy professionals like me.”

Emily Anderson

Busy Professional

 “As a freelancer, managing receipts used to be a hassle. Thanks to Yubilly, it’s a breeze now! The ability to create custom labels for expense categorization has streamlined my financial record-keeping. Plus, the peace of mind knowing that my inbox is protected from spam emails is priceless. Yubilly is an essential tool for any freelancer!”

John Roberts


“Yubilly has revolutionized my receipt management! The generated email addresses ensure the privacy of my personal email, and the advanced email filtering keepsmy inbox clutter-free. It’s so easy to track and categorize expenses, and the option for paperless receipts is a game-changer. Highly recommended!”

Sarah Thompson

Small Business Owner