About Us

We set out to make the shopping experience even more accessible, starting with paper receipts and continuing with digital receipts. Our goal is to enable consumers and SMEs to physically complete their in-store shopping in a contactless manner. For this, we established Yubilly, which provides a mailbox service with a high user experience, secure and export receipt data..

Yubilly is operational in all workplaces worldwide that send receipts by e-mail.
Get ready for an end-to-end contactless shopping experience in a physical store environment.

Introduction: Yubilly is an innovative platform that enables you to track your receipts and expenses digitally. It’s designed to simplify your financial management, eliminate clutter and help you stay organized.

Our Mission: Our mission is to help consumers and businesses simplify their financial management, reduce paper waste, and improve their environmental impact.

Our Services: Yubilly offers an easy-to-use app that generates unique email addresses for users to receive and organize email receipts. Our app has advanced spam and marketing email filters to ensure you only receive relevant receipts and important financial information, nothing more. Your personal and business inboxes will be clean and secure.

Our Team: Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in the finance and technology industries who are passionate about making financial management easier and more accessible for everyone.