Receipts Then and Now: The changing trends of storing and organizing spending software

The digital, paperless, and cloud terms dominate the financial technology sphere right now. It is no secret that items are becoming more and more online. This is beneficial for many reasons. One I would like to focus on today narrows in on digital receipts, what this technology’s future looks like, and why you’d want to become acquainted with this process sooner rather than later. Let’s dive in.

Digital receipts are not uncommon in retail stores. Places like Apple have embraced digital transactions long ago. the connectivity between their point-of-sale (POS) and your email is already so intertwined that its process is a no-brainer. However, only some stores are Apple. An abundance of retail purchases we make still offers that small, hot piece of paper we either ignore or throw in the recycling later. This is a huge waste of paper, time, etc.

Other stores feature a device that allows us to send receipts to our email, but there are drawbacks to this, too; emails get lost in our inbox, which in the grand stream of things, are pretty easy to overlook. Not to mention the time it takes to type our email into the iPad sitting at the front counter. While email receipts are a great alternative to paper, they still mark a difficult transition. They are hard to track and organize.

In the future, we know digital receipts will be extremely accessible and easy to manage. It is predicted that every receipt will be digital. We will be able to track every purchase we make, categorize them, and store and archive them in efficient ways beneficial to both buyer and seller. Before that time, we must find a solution to this molasses-like receipt economy that benefits us, our time, and most importantly, our spending. Consolidation is the key to organization.

At Yubilly, the focal point of our design and implementation is bringing things together to grant users a simple action that saves them headaches. Rather than email receipts, Yubilly allows users to pay and track receipts instantaneously. Our QR codes jump the email hurdle and upload receipts straight from payment. Collecting this information right away makes daily financial tracking nearly automatic.

Benefits of digital receipts app:

Better arranged: Digital receipts are stored in a consolidated location: The Yubilly app. Forget about scrolling through your email for that one digital receipt. Organizing and recording each receipt in folders isn’t necessary. That’s our job.

Make spending easier to track: With every receipt in one place, our spending becomes much more digestible and clear. The visual layouts of the Yubilly app reflect our habits and allow us to see ourselves unabridged.

Overlooking: Imagine pure, perfectly balanced transaction reports. Categorize your purchases automatically, and never miss a receipt again.

Saving: Now that your receipts all fit tightly in one easy-to-use application, track and manage your habits in real time. Make better decisions, see where your disposable income is wasted and unnecessary, and look for patterns that can be optimized. The first key to everything is awareness.

The landscape of collecting receipts is still being determined as the paper receipt phases out. While email is a temporary solution, we know this platform is designed for communication, not financial tracking. A more sustainable and efficient method is on the way; don’t be late. Try Yubilly today.