The future of your mailbox

The world has changed into a digital one, and it’s moving forward. More and more companies are switching to online and digital models to continue their transactions. From delivery services to education, the world has become a digital one.

Email marketing has become a constant in our everyday life. Paper use has become significantly less dominant as the world increasingly improves digital media usage. Businesses often choose to give electronic receipts to customers not only to avoid using paper receipts but also to gather their information to fill their mailboxes with marketing and spam.

Yubilly is here to help you eliminate endless marketing and unwanted email in your mailbox. Yubilly offers a unique email and mailbox, alongside a receipt tracker, that will help you track your expenses automatically. Check out Yubilly’s expense tracking.

What is an electronic receipt?

An electronic receipt is a proof of purchase or service delivery that is provided electronically. This document can be used as a paper receipt in returns, exchanges, or disputes with the seller. These electronic receipts are also valid for official transactions or activities like claiming deductions on taxes. 

Many electronic receipts are sent by email, but sometimes can be sent by SMS message. Offering an electronic receipt is a meaningful way merchants gather data to provide buyers with more products. 

The SPAM problem

As we mentioned, providing a merchant with your email address or phone number comes with a price. Most of the time, you are accepting a subscription to their newsletter, email marketing, and data tracking for their purposes.
After getting your electronic receipt, you will most likely see an increase in the email marketing, promotions, and SPAM email in your mailbox. This is a quick way of getting a mailbox full of “garbage.” Maybe you want to get some promotions, but giving your email to every store out there will bring you many unwanted emails.

How to avoid SPAM emails

Yubilly offers a unique experience with electronic receipts. We provide you with a custom email and mailbox that will filter out all those marketing emails. So, when you ask for an email receipt, you can track only the tickets and not get any unwanted emails.

This is a potent tool to avoid getting your private mailbox full of spam and marketing emails. After a while, you can lose track of all the stores and sellers with your information. Yubilly is here to help you!

How does it work?

After completing any purchase at a store offering an email receipt, you only need to enter the custom email address Yubilly provides you ( This will automatically send the ticket to your custom mailbox and scan the receipt. Simple as that!

You will see the purchase details on the app and the amount, currency, merchant, date, and more. You can also assign custom labels to each expense to filter them in the future. Yubilly also provides an export directly to an excel file.


Email receipts have been here for a while and will stay in our lives for a long time. Considering the number of spam and marketing emails, it’s worth considering a tool like Yubilly to filter those unwanted emails. This free app allows one to easily filter, review expenses, and maintain a clear and organized mailbox. Check out our app here.