Let's Go

Yubilly is free to download and use.

No Spam
It saves you from advertising e-mails that fill your inbox.

Keeps Secret
It does not share your data with anyone..

It is valid in an unlimited number of stores worldwide. Also, an infinite number of receipts can be registered within the application.

Stores For You
Collecting and storing receipts is difficult; It takes discipline, takes up space, and usually disappears. Yubilly helps you to keep all receipt data in electronic format in an organized manner, eliminating the risk of losing receipts.

Easy to Use
Have you ever searched for a receipt in your inbox? Have you come across too many irrelevant emails in the exact same search?

Yubilly; Shows your receipts as an account transaction as date, amount, store and currency type. You can create a more helpful structure by categorizing the shopping records that appear line by line under the particular head. You can also export your shopping history as an excel file whenever possible.

Environmentally Friendly
In Yubilly, receipts are stored as date, amount, store and currency. Login, type a keyword for the receipt you’re looking for and search. It’s that easy. Yubilly allows finding the receipt you are looking for.
With Yubilly, you can easily track your spending and quickly see your receipt document required for your product return transactions via our mobile application.