Home Depot and Shoppers Drug Mart Self Checkout email receipts

Home Depot and Shoppers Drug Mart are two retailers offering self-checkout kiosks. These elements aim to provide faster checkout processes and get a better distribution of people traffic. Every day, more and more retailers and shops offer this method to users, and it’s not going anywhere.

One of the best services with these kiosks is the interaction the stores offer the customers for their receipts. Electronic receipts are a big part of modern life, and their advantages are enormous. 

Electronic receipts offer a cleaner, more straightforward way of tracking our purchases. Eliminating physical receipts solves the problem of hoarding worthless mountains of paper. Paperless transactions can help these big retail stores avoid searching for old tickets while tracking their expenses. 

E-Tickets provide tons of features and advantages daily users might want to consider. One of our personal favourites is the contactless experience. Social distancing has become the norm, so contactless receipts have soared in recent months. 

Also, not only do they save time for customers when tracing back the expenses, but also, it’s eco-friendly. Paper receipts might not be a cause to raise alarms, but looking back at the numbers, one billion gallons of water and 10 million trees are sacrificed to make paper rolls for receipts.

Transactions at Home Depot or Shoppers Drug Mart rarely involve only one item. When purchasing several things, it can be tedious and complicated to look back into the individual items and analyze their cost. Yubilly helps you solve that problem with a ground-breaking platform.

We can organize our spending better if we track them with a structured system. Having electronic receipts helps us achieve that goal. Storing our receipts digitally gives us the flexibility we need when organizing our spending. It’s an easy way of looking back at what you spent without looking into mountains of paper.

Yubilly offers this. Yubilly saves your receipts for you, storing them in your Yubilly’s mailbox, free of spam and marketing emails. Using the personalized mailbox Yubilly provides, you can not only keep all your electronic receipts on the same platform but also organize them and show you item by item where your money went.

With Yubilly, you will get your custom email address (yourname@yubilly.com) , and you can forward all your electronic receipts to that email. With those credentials, you can access your Yubilly account.